Text Box: For the last 4 years Alex Wheeler has been designing and building enormous mechanical and static pieces for the movie and television industry in South Africa on a contracted in basis. Some of the more impressive pieces are described in the CV section with pictures in the gallery. much of this work and the sets built on the mechanical component have been done while working with Bullseye Construction 

These are some of the biggest projects undertaken in the world, not just in South Africa, and the costs have been SUBSTANTIALLY lower than anywhere else in the world – and with more functionality and versatility with shorter lead times.

Apocalypse was started by Alex in 2007 to be able  to undertake smaller projects for commercials and for features that might not require the enormous in house input that the bigger projects listed above do. We have a fully equipped workshop that can be utilized as a starting base for bigger projects which have short lead times. We have good working relationships with most of the Grips, Rigging, SF/X and construction companies in South Africa and have worked for most of the major production houses in South Africa. Our reputation is for delivering a fantastic working product on time and on budget . We can work on an ‘in house’ or ‘invoice out’ basis depending on the production’s requirements and can ship items to anywhere in the world.

We are able to manufacture any custom item that a production might require, whether it be a prop (such as a custom made watch or vehicle), a customized camera or lighting rig, a precision control rig (from a tiny turntable, an animatronic, remote controlled truck or an enormous Gimbal) or any structure from a blackout rail to a water tank to a bridge... we offer creative, realistic, cost effective solutions to any problem that your production may have. 

Please contact us here with any queries you may have.