(including work done by Alex Wheeler)
Doomsday (2007)
Still in production so we can’t say… 
Lusitania:murder on the Atlantic (2007)
Designed and manufactured a tilting 20m/66ft x 7m/24ft platform for the deck of The Lusitania (8tons) on a 7m/24ft high  scaffold in the middle of a tidal pool. The deck tilted hydraulically between 0 and 15 degrees. Designed and manufactured Lifeboat Davits and winches as well as railings and other set pieces.
Primeval (2007)
Designed and manufactured a 20m/66ft x 20m/66ft x 2.4m/8ft 1 000 000 liter/220 000 gallon temporary indoor shooting pool
Ask the dust (2006)
Designed and manufactured mechanical component of a replica of a 1930 LA Red Car Tram for street scenes. 15m/58ft long, 3.5m/11ft high and 3m/10ft wide the 7 ton Red car was fully fabricated (incuding the wheels!) and ran on standard tracks. 
Flood (2006)
Designed and manufactured water holding and shooting tanks (600 000 litre/132 000 gallon) and a pump and plumbing system capable of flooding the tanks at 500litres/sec (6 600 gallon/minute), Several steel climbing, lifting and support structures including a ‘poor man’s Gimbal’ (pneumatic control Gimbal) and several set pieces and props.
The Triangle (2005)
Designed and manufactured a huge Gimbal (28m/90’x12m/39’x11m/36’high, 35 tons with set) to carry a copy of  ‘the Santa Maria’ as well as several other smaller sets. Designed and manufactured a motion control rig for very slow precision camera movement on miniatures sets. Designed and manufactured huge free standing sets in a tidal pool as well as many small set pieces and props.
The Librarian 2 (2005)
Gags and traps for the unwary traveler in King Solomon’s mines!
The Poseidon Adventure (2005)
Designed and manufactured a ‘roll over’ Gimbal capable of flipping sets of up to 5m/16ftx5m/16ftx12/40ft and 17 tons through 180°. Designed and manufactured an inverted engine room set involving suspending 30 tons of steel 10m up from a purpose built structure as well set pieces and various gags, traps and props.
Racing Stripes (2005)
Maintenance and Operation of John Cox animatronics
Mad Max Fury Road
Designed and manufactured some monstrous desert jumping vehicles, capable of huge jumps and crazy stunts
Other services
Design and Manufacture of any product for any purpose